The most comfortable way to stop grinding

Try Jawsaver - the smart, no-mouth guard wearable solution that nudges you to stop grinding in your sleep.

The perfect solution for loud bruxers.

Curious if Jawsaver will work for you?
Answer a few questions and find out!


Reduce your grinding habit effortlessly

Every single audible grinder in our beta test experiences reduction in their teeth grinding duration.

Jawsaver reduces audible teeth grinding duration by an average of 49%!


AI + Biofeedback for Sleep Bruxism

Jawsaver helps noisy teeth grinders (and their bed partners) sleep better. It uses advanced algorithm to detect & nudge bruxers to stop grinding without waking them up.

No need to remember anything or do anything for it to work.

No mouthguard. No disruption to your sleep.

1. Detect

Bedside sensor detects teeth grinding noise within 0.5 second

2. Correct

Wristband vibrates gently to nudge you to stop without waking you up

3. Protect

Reduce duration of grinding episodes & curb habit over time

"It’s the only real solution for teeth grinding that I’ve found so far that actually uses modern technology. And I have the data to back it up."
"I like that it buzzes me when I grind vs. mouth guard which only covers the teeth... My partner is also sleeping better now as I grind less."

Will Jawsaver work for me?

Answer a few questions to find out if Jawsaver can reduce your grinding habit.

A gentle nudge for your nightly grind

Do you want to get your teeth grinding habit under control?

Night guards are often uncomfortable and ineffective. Meanwhile, the use of biofeedback in sleep bruxism has been shown to reduce teeth grinding2-7.

Jawsaver is a smart sensor & wearable that alerts you when you grind in your sleep, to help you break your grinding habit. 

Break the habit

While mouth guards simply cover your teeth and can make your grinding worse, Jawsaver helps break your grinding habit.

By tracking and alerting you when you grind, it immediately shortens your episode duration and trains you to stop grinding while you sleep!

Track your progress

Use the app to view and track your grinding habits every night. 

Get insights about your teeth grinding data and find out what behavior modifications work for you. 

Sleep in comfort

No bulky mouthguard to wear or clean. Easy setup and low maintenance.

All you have to do is wear the wristband to sleep every night. Whether you sleep alone or next to someone else, it always fits into your bedtime routine, every single night. 

Private & secure

Jawsaver will never record or transmit audio from your bedroom without your consent. We follow the stringest data protection protocol for your privacy.


“The difference in the tension before and after is definitely reduced, and that’s backed up by looking at the data… My average grinding duration went from 15-20 seconds per episode down to 5 seconds! I definitely recommend others to try it.”


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