Smart Biofeedback Device for Teeth Grinding

A gentle nudge for your nightly grind

Discover a more comfortable way to stop your grinding habit with our contactless bedside sensor and wearable. No mouth guard necessary. No disruption to your sleep.


Why Jawsaver?

The smart sensor that helps you to stop grinding

Do you frequently (and loudly!) grind your teeth in your sleep?

Do you find your mouth guard uncomfortable and cumbersome?

Then Jawsaver is for you.

Our non-invasive technology gently nudges you to stop grinding. So you can protect your teeth and still enjoy a comfortable sleep!

No mouth guard, so you can fall & stay asleep naturally
Automatically detect & nudge you to stop grinding
No disruption to your, or your partner's sleep
Track your progress, and see the results for yourself

How does it work?

Designed for frequent teeth grinders who want a more comfortable sleep, Jawsaver contactless bedside sensor is able to detect when you’re grinding your teeth in your sleep, and interrupt it with a gentle vibration.


The small bedside sensor & wristband recognizes teeth grinding episode‚Äč


Wristband vibrates to interrupt the teeth grinding episode, without waking you up


Reduction in teeth grinding over time prevent further tooth wear

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Stop teeth grinding, comfortably

Mouth guards are often ineffective or make the problem worse . Meanwhile, the use of biofeedback in sleep bruxism (teeth grinding) has been shown to reduce the frequency and duration of teeth grinding episodes2-7. Our smart biofeedback solution takes it to the next level by using non-invasive sensor that you can use it comfortably every night.That way, you can consistently use it and achieve the results you want.

Sleep in Comfort

Jawsaver is designed for your comfort and convenience. No more annoying mouth guard, and a quiet night for your partner.

Let sleep be easy again.

Stop the grind

Mouth guards are often ineffective or make the problem worse16-17. Jawsaver uses biofeedback (vibration alert) to gently nudge you to stop grinding.

Biofeedback has been shown to reduce the duration and frequency of teeth grinding episodes in a few trials2-7.

Track your progress

Our easy-to-use app allows you to view and track the frequency and duration of your teeth grinding episodes each night. Find out what factors influence your teeth grinding.

Easy bedtime routine

Quick, simple setup and low maintenance. Set your schedule once & wear the wristband to sleep every night.¬†That’s it!

As easy as 1, 2, … zzzzzz.