Jawsaver is a smart wearable for loud teeth grinding. It consists of a smart sensor + wearable that can nudge people to stop grinding teeth in their sleep.

A few months ago, we posted an invitation for sleep bruxers to participate in our beta test & now want to share the results with the community.

We conducted this usability test to collect feedback from real users and to see if the biofeedback – in the form of a vibrating wristband that gets triggered as soon as audible loud teeth grinding is detected – can reduce teeth grinding without reducing users’ sleep quality.

🧩 Created by and for loud teeth grinders

My partner (Gabriel) and I came upon this idea last year to help both of us sleep better.

Being a chronic teeth grinder myself, I don’t experience any painful symptoms. But I am worried about the long-term impact on my TMJ & teeth. I tried many different types of mouth guards: custom-fitted, soft, hard, mixed layers, different thicknesses. But I could never sleep well with a guard on. I always end up waking up groggy with painful gum and teeth and a super dry mouth. But if I didn’t wear my mouth guard, he would be wakened up constantly by my loud teeth grinding sound.

We came up with the idea of a non-invasive bedside sensor that can alert me when I start grinding my teeth in my sleep. I tried using the first prototype at the end of last year and saw marked improvements after two months of wearing it. I went from ~20+ episodes per night to less than 5, and Gabriel was no longer wakened up by my teeth grinding. So we decided maybe others can benefit from this as well.

🧩 What’s the beta test about?

In the test, we selected 12 bruxers to use the device for a total of 6-7 weeks. They are recruited from Facebook, Reddit, etc. In the first week, they used the device without the biofeedback so we could get a baseline measurement of their teeth grinding frequency and duration.

Afterwards we turned on the biofeedback for 4 weeks, before turning it back off again for another week. Users didn’t know the exact night when the biofeedback was turned on to minimize the placebo effect.

🧩 Reduce loud teeth grinding by half

We found that Jawsaver is most ideal for audible teeth grinders who hate their mouth guards.

In this group, biofeedback reduces the duration of teeth grinding episodes by an average of 49%. It also shows signs of reducing the frequency of the teeth grinding episodes each night for some people, but not for all. In half of the group, the reduction in teeth grinding remains for a few days / weeks after the biofeedback is turned off.

jawsaver reduces audible grinding using biofeedback
Participants experience 49% average reduction in their audible grinding duration

We also asked participants to rate their sleep quality every morning and found that the vibration biofeedback does not reduce their sleep quality in the long term. They might experience slight disturbance in the first couple of days, but quickly bounce back from it. In general, we found that participants significantly underestimated the number of biofeedback they received at night.

This was consistent with our prediction as teeth grinding episodes tend to happen during the sleep arousal phase in light sleep. Users sense the vibration, stop grinding their teeth and instantly go back to sleep. Most of the times, they didn’t remember any of this in the morning.

🧩 What do they like about Jawsaver?

Our beta participants love the fact that the device can nudge them to stop grinding while they’re asleep, instead of simply covering their teeth with night guards.

They also like the simplicity, convenience, and effortlessness of this non-invasive device. All they need to do is place the sensor next to their bed and wear the wristband every night. No fuss, no discomfort, no cleaning (I mean really, who likes wearing and cleaning their mouth guard, anyway?).

Participants also appreciate being able to see their nightly (audible) teeth grinding data. This allows them to get a sense of when they grind the most and track their progress over time.

🧩 This sounds great! How can I get one? πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

With this encouraging result, we’ll be launching on Indiegogo in August.

Because this biofeedback solution will only work for those with audible teeth grinding, we’ve developed a quiz to help you decide if Jawsaver is right for you.

The good news is: if you can validate that you’re an audible teeth grinder, we’ll provide you with a special $200 off. (Also, we have 30-day money back guarantee policy. No questions asked.)

πŸ‘‰πŸΌπŸ‘‰πŸΌπŸ‘‰πŸΌ Take the 3-minute quiz here

🀨 What about me? I don’t have audible teeth grinding because I mostly clench.

This product is our initial solution for teeth grinding. We have some ideas and a great team of engineers that are currently researching different ideas to help those who mostly clench. You can sign up to our newsletter to find out when the next product (for clenchers) is coming out.

We really appreciate your support & if you can help us spread the word. Our success in this crowdfunding campaign will help us secure the investment we need to launch the current product and develop subsequent products.

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